In treating patients with thyroid and hormone imbalances, much of our visit time is spent discussing diet, inflammation and nutrition. As a provider I often wish I had more time to spend with my patients, so I am thankful that the Summit System is able to provide the personalized attention along with the teaching and support required for my patients to make the necessary lifestyle and diet changes. More importantly, I feel that the system aligns with my practice goals and ultimately my patients better understand why and how their diet affects their overall health and hormone status. Overall, my patients feel exponentially better and achieve their health goals faster with the help of the Summit System.

- Ashley Ramsey, Partner Physician


Are You Sick and Tired of Trying Fad Diets?


Weight loss programs that focus on one symptom of a larger problem are ineffective and frustrating. Eating habits are a combination of routine and mindset, we often have unhealthy eating habits that have been learned over a lifetime that make weight loss and fitness goals feel unattainable.

The Summit System is a groundbreaking natural, hormone balancing, supervised weight loss program. It is a safe and fast acting program that has been effective for so many in Lafayette, LA and across the nation, just like you.

With over 18 years of combined experience and our partnership with local doctors, surgeons and medical professional experience we can help to shape your journey to a healthier you by:

Preparing delicious healthy meals enriched with weight loss supplements
Understanding and overcoming your unhealthy relationship with food
Adding mindfulness exercises to your daily routine

With the help of a dedicated accountability coach and a like-minded community, you can achieve not only your weight loss goals, but reset your approach to healthy eating.


Hormones are the driving force behind weight loss. That's why we've created a hormone weight loss program for residents in Abbeville, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Iberia, New Orleans and Opelousas.

Contact our weight loss center to learn more.

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