A Proven System

Using a combination of dieting, supplements, and coaching, we help you acheive REAL results.

Break the Yo-Yo Cycle

This system will teach you how to make permanent lifestyle changes and achieve your health goals.

Break Through the Plateau

If you've tried other diet plans and plateued, this program will help you break through!


All Natural, Hormone-Balancing Weight Loss Program


The Summit System is an all-natural, hormone-balancing weight loss program that coaches you to lose weight, lower inflammation, AND address your relationship with food.

The Summit System is a 3 phase weight loss program that utilizes real food, accountability coaches and supplements to help you lose weight and keep it off.

What to Expect in the Summit System Program

Phase 1 - The “Basecamp” Phase is the initial 28 day gateway program that coaches you to lose up to 10% of your body weight. Phase 1 is a program approach, which means you will follow an approved food list (real food from the grocery store), a particular meal plan and take medical grade supplements to help your body naturally reset. We call this the gateway program because it jumpstarts your metabolism, ignites your motivation and lays the foundation for sustainability. 

*$525 and includes coaching, supplements and a folder full of valuable documents for your success

Phase 2 - The “Integration” Phase is a 4 month program that guides you through the process of integrating foods back into your daily diet while you continue to lose weight. Through weekly meetings with your coach you will begin to build variety, engage in more cognitive choice around food and food related experiences while learning how to turn "diet rules" into lifelong principles. Sustainability is discovered along the way. 

*$250/month (for 4 months) Weekly Accountability Coaching and Phase 2 program documents are included (supplements not included- supplements are customized in P2 and sold separately).

Phase 3 - The “Re-Focus” Phase- is a month to month extension that aims to prioritize a specific focus that will direct the next level of success. This is a highly customized phase. Most common focuses are lowering cholesterol or A1C, gut health/candida overgrowth, finding a sustainable and enjoyable exercise routine, emotional healing, intuitive eating, and even becoming vegan! This phase is completely client led. Accountability coaches help their clients to prioritize, plan and navigate through the process of becoming. Sessions are bi-weekly in P3.

*$125 per month includes Bi-weekly Accountability Coaching and supporting documents (supplements not included- supplements are customized in P2 and sold separately).

What the Program Includes:

Program Includes: $525 covers everything you need for success minus the food itself!

Pack Folder

- Welcome Note

- What to Expect

- Food List

- Meal Plan

- Food Journal

- Weight Loss Tracker

- Measurements Tracker

- Meal Prep Tracker


Weight Loss Supplements (One Month Supply)

- Break It Down - Digestive Enzyme

- Play It Cool - Adrenal Support

- Build & Burn - Amino Acids

Daily Accountability Coach

- Includes an Intro Zoom Call With Your Coach

- Daily Texting

- Calls When Needed

- Weekly Community Zoom Meetings (optional)