Are You Ready to Hit Your Body's Reset Button?

Are You Ready to Hit Your Body's Reset Button?

Years of unhealthy eating can take time to undo. Luckily, it only takes 28 days to reset your body's nervous, endocrine and digestive systems. The Summit System is one of the only weight loss programs that addresses the hormones affecting your metabolism, weight and health.

During our Phase 1 program, you'll learn...

  • How to prepare healthy meals using food you can find at your local grocery store
  • How your attitude toward food influences your eating habits
  • What supplements can fill nutritional gaps in your diet

Your endocrine, nervous, and digestive system will be reset AND your metabolism will be rebooted. Think of our program in this way: True or False, when you get a cut on your hand, your body is designed to heal itself? You don't need neosporin and a band-aid. Do you agree? It's the same thing with your hormones and your weight.
Our bodies are designed for balance yet we continuously act as salt in our own wound (self sabotage) with our habits, beliefs, stresses, etc.
Our program acts as the neosporin and the band-aid. The supplements serve as the neosporin. They help the process to be more comfortable and quicker but they don't do the job for you. You must show up and work your program. The food list and the structure act as the band-aid essentially taking your hands and tying them behind your back to prevent you from getting in your own way. Phase 2 begins to slowly remove the band-aid one step at a time as its approachable to you.

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Accountability is everything

That's why we pair you with a personal accountability coach right away and encourage you to attend weekly weight loss meetings in our Lafayette, LA weight loss center. We're behind you all the way. When it comes to weight loss, having an accountability coach not only helps you to show up for your program but also serves a guide to making lasting, sustainable change. When we are accountable to someone besides ourselves, it gives us the ability to work harder than we would alone. Knowing that someone else is invested in us and along to support us on our journey can make all the difference. Our transformation coaches help us to navigate our program while integrating it into our lives.

Living life as our Summit Self takes continued growth in multiple areas, and the guidance that our coaches bring to the table can be applied to our entire lifestyle. Often, other areas of our lives can mirror our program results. Having a non-biased, supportive person to talk things out with, give encouragement and feedback, as well as incorporating new tools and skills, helps us to develop into who we are meant to be.