Hi, I’m Georgia!


Welcome to my new blog! Truth be told, this blog is about a decade in the making. I’ve always wanted to write a blog but was too afraid no one would read it. I’ve wanted to share my journey of being a single mother, my health and fitness, falling in love with a soldier and getting remarried, parenting so many kids, my life as a military spouse, my spirituality, becoming an entrepreneur and so much more. And although I’ve had something to share I wasn't ready to share it.


Things seem to be different these days, though. Lately, people have been asking me questions like “how do you keep it all together?” and “how do you do it?” so I figured what better way to answer that question than by sharing it all with you as it unfolds.


It’s time and I'm ready. I hope you are, too.


First things first, I need to introduce myself. My name is Georgia Crowell. I am a (proud) military spouse and mother to five children. My oldest son, Jackson (13) is from my first marriage. My daughter, Luna, 6, and my three youngest sons, Gabriel (4), Auri (2), and Raphael “Raffi” (3 months) are all the beautiful additions born with my amazing and always impressive hubby, Jarryd (more on him and us later). I created a weight loss company, The Summit System, in 2018 and it's growing and thriving and I’m in love with every second of it. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats and my mother in law, Mimi, lives with us. We are a blended, mostly crazy, and always chaotic family. It’s perfectly imperfect.


I tell you the above for one reason and one reason only… I simply don't keep it all together. Period. Bottom line. End of story.


Really and truly, now that I’ve said it, I could start and end this entire blog right here but what fun would that be? I’m invested now. I’m too excited to share my blended, mostly crazy, and always chaotic stories with you. So, tune in. Follow along. There’s more to come!